Running Resolutions

I was recently asked by one of our local news media sources, to write a column for their Reasons to Run blog. Being that it was the new year, I decided to ask some of my friends, as well as some members of a local facebook running group (Utah Running Guide), about why they run, as well as some of their goals for the new year.

When I posted the question, I had no idea, all of the different responses that I would get. While my goal was to inspire others to run, I found myself being inspired not only to run, but to be a better person, in general.

Here is the link to the article, entitled, Running in the New Year.

I loved reading all of these stories, and would love to have you share what your running resolutions are for 2013!…


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3 Responses to Running Resolutions

  1. Jelena says:

    My running resolutions are very simple:
    1st: to keep running
    2nd: to add a few more miles to my running route. 🙂
    And the most important one: to enjoy it!!

  2. chelseamckell says:

    Thanks for linking to our site! Great article. I admire your dedication and consistency with writing!

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