A run through the tulips and trip to the zoo … and a brick road?

For starters, I am no good at titles. By now, you should know that. However, this past weekend seemed a little Wizard of Oz-esq, with all that went on.

On Friday was my son, Ace’s first grade field trip (Lions, tigers, bears …) . With my older two kids, I went as a chaperone, and promised myself that I would go to every first grade zoo trip with all my kids. This year, however, I had a new baby that I couldn’t leave with anyone, and the rules were, I couldn’t be a chaperone if I had my own children with me.

So, I decided to just show up at the zoo and follow Ace’s class around. I took the three younger kids with me, and it was a lot of fun! I couldn’t get any pictures because the week before, I dropped my phone face down on my in-law’s driveway, and it is pretty much useless. luckily, a good friend of mine was there with her son, and spotted us on our way out.  I didn’t ask her to take a pic; she just snapped one. I wish I could have returned the favor.


On the way home, the breaks in our Denali were metal on metal. Thankfully, we have a great neighbor who fixes cars. I dropped it off after picking the kids off at school.

The next day was the Thanksgiving Point 1/2 marathon. This is the mother of all 1/2 marathons. I ran this in 2012, and really struggled with it. I had a coach at the time, and he had a goal of me to run a 1:22, but I really had no idea the amount of hills involved, and although I finished in 3rd place with a 1:27, I was really bummed, and it left a really bad taste in my mouth.

I debated whether to run it or not. I was given an elite entry from the super cool RD, Kendall Wimmer, so I didn’t feel the pressure to run because I didn’t pay. Also, my oldest son had a soccer game that morning that I didn’t want to miss.

However, as the week went on, it was looking more and more like there was going to be a storm. I thought hard about it, and figured that if I went to the game, I would end up sitting in the car with the kids. I even thought about calling my brother, Rand to watch the kids while I went to the game, but I would still end up in the car with the baby, because I couldn’t leave him with a babysitter for that long (the game was an hour away).

So, I decided I would run it. My younger brother came to watch the kids, and I figured since Adam and my oldest didn’t have to leave until 7:30, and my race started at 7:00, I could be done by 8:30, and home by 9:00. He would only have to watch the kids for an hour and a half.

I also thought that if I could place, I would win at least $150, which would cover the cost of the breaks.

That morning, I fed Axel right before I left, and was at the start at 6:50 (10 min before the start).

I warmed up as much as I could have in the wet, rainy cold weather, and before I knew it, the race was underway.

I ran the first few miles with fellow Altra ambassador, Zac Marion. He is such a cool cat. He is a great trail and ultra runner, and just runs so relaxed. There were two girls ahead of us, and I had the thought to go with them, but my legs didn’t agree.

I have only done one speed work-out in two years, and it was mile repeats the Monday before. I just didn’t have the turn-over. I settled into a good pace, and just held it. The rain kept coming down, and it was awesome.

There were so many turns and rolling hills, long hill climbs, and only a few downhills. There was even a brick road! This time, however, I really liked it! I felt relaxed and happy the whole time. If only I could kick it into that next gear. Oh, well. It will come.

With about a quarter mile to go, Zac — who, by the way has quite the mane to behold (but not at all cowardly) –  came back and ran me in to a 1:33, and 3rd place finish. I felt like Dorothy skipping on the yellow brick road. If only I had a scarecrow and a tin man, it would have been prrrrrfect!

I was able to win $15o, which was about the cost to replace the breaks. Really, what a blessing it was.

Almost as soon as I crossed the finish line, I sprinted to the car to head home to my kids. I made it home just after 9:15, to a smiling, happy group of kids, thanks to my awesome brother, Rand.



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2 Responses to A run through the tulips and trip to the zoo … and a brick road?

  1. Rachel says:

    Congratulations!! If only I could do the same; my car needs new tires haha.

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