Links to published articles

For the past year and a half (since March of 2012), I have been writing freelance for a few newspapers. It has been a complete dream come true. I’m not sure where it will take me … if anywhere, but I am riding the wave as long as (the bosses) will let me :).

Here are some of the most popular articles (most page views) and some that I think represent me the most.

Thank you for reading!


Being a ‘fit mom’ does not mean I have to be a ‘selfish mom 

Tips on running through pregnancy


Runs on hills can be smile-worthy

Trails offer more benefits than runs on the road

The silence of suicide

Honoring my first running partner: my dad

Not a fan of shoes? Try the ‘Unshoe’

Running across a frozen Utah Lake

What an organ and tissue donor really means

The problem with insecurities that all mothers have

The things people say to a frazzled mom — but shouldn’t

The pain and heartache of miscarriage

Embracing your child’s natural gifts

All moms are busy

The Coach’s Wife: Another perspective of high school sports

Utah father of 4 wins USA 50 Mile Trail Championships in record time

4 ways to teach your children honesty and accountability

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