Running during pregnancy and beyond

uring all of my pregnancies, I have done my best to be fit through all of them. It wasn’t until this last one – #6 – that I decided to take on the challenge of maintaining a substantial level of fitness until the very end.

Knowing that racing was something I wanted to stay away from, so that I didn’t push it too hard, I decided that pacing would be the best way to go. So, I ended up pacing the SLC Marathon, Provo 1/2, Utah Valley 1/2 and HOMM 1/2 at 6 months along. I threw in one half marathon at 22 weeks along, just to see how my fitness level was before the UV 1/2, which I ended up winning, surprisingly :/.

All of this and more helped me to realize what the pregnant body is capable of. And despite some (joking) concerns from my Dr., who by the end, was completely on board, all was good. I felt fantastic the whole way through, and was even able to run three miles just hours before I delivered my handsome 7 lb 7 oz little baby boy.

Delivery was great and fast, with recovery even better … despite the regular post-pregnancy annoyances (I wrote about here).

Speaking of post-pregnancy, I want to talk a little bit about getting back into shape. Now, there are so many ideas, opinions of when to begin exercising. And anyone who has a baby is given that “magic” number of six weeks.

For some this may be necessary, but for me, the Dr. might as well give me PPD or extremely high anxiety and stress. Staying inactive for one or two weeks would make me nuts; six weeks of inactivity would drive me insane. Here’s an article I wrote about that, too :).

In my past pregnancies, I have gone on light walks the first couple of weeks, and then begin short runs at two weeks. However, a good friend of mine told me that she was back to running days after.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this if you weren’t extremely active before, I decided to take the challenge. At six days (after all the engorgement had gone down, allowing me to wear a bra again), I went for a 3 mile run. I figured I had easily run that far one week before, so I should be able to do it again.

Guess what? I was fine. Despite feeling a little wobbly in my legs and gushy in my stomach, I slowly ran those three miles. I kept close tabs on my bleeding, which was minimal. I felt great!

With each day following, I would head out for anywhere between three and five miles, and with each day, I felt better, stronger and faster. And at three weeks post-baby, I had put in 32 miles in one week.

Since then, I have maintained 4-6 miles a day, with 8 miles run just yesterday, at my one month mark. I even ran a little (impromptu) race three days ago at my husband’s school. It was a middle school race against the parents and teachers. I convinced my husband to run it, and I was planning on going for a run after, so I wore my running clothes.

My good friend saw that I was wearing my running clothes, and also seeing it as an opportunity for her to hold my baby, she told me to run it. So, seconds after the gun went off, I raced off to catch the runners. It was a two mile run, that I ended up running the two mile course in 13:55.

Here are some pictures:

running with my friend.

running with my friend.

Adam didn't expect a HS XC runner, fresh off of state to be there. He still came out with an 11:55. Not bad for having just paddle-boarded all the way home!

Adam didn’t expect a HS XC runner, fresh off of state to be there. He still came out with an 11:55. Not bad for having just paddle-boarded all the way home!

The finish.

The finish.

we are right after the race. Ignore the red-faced lady with her tongue sticking out. Yikes!


While there, one of my inspirations was there: My friend, Catey … MOTHER OF 9!!  She blogs at, if you’re interested.


I felt great the whole run! … I feel great! More importantly, I am me again, and when I am me again, I am better able to take care of my family.


My sweet kids, and my reason for vowing to be healthy :). I sure do love them.


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2 Responses to Running during pregnancy and beyond

  1. Jelena Cane says:

    Hi Ari,

    I`ve read so many articles and posts about your sister`s death, that I am wondering what had happened that led to her death. Your mom wrote that she was so frustrated when people didn`t ask but started rumors. I don`t know if this includes strangers, but I thought so much about your sister that I thought I`d dare to ask. If you feel that this is inappropriate, please take my sincere apologies. I feel very sorry for your loss, and I hope your family may give you some comfort.

    All the best,


    • timetofititin says:


      It is a very difficult thing to talk about, but I don’t mind talking about it in a more private setting.
      To put it simply, she was a battered woman. She was abused by her husband their entire marriage. The last few months of her life, she came out to live with my parents, and brought her three kids with her. It was apparent that she was at a rock bottom situation, but her having lived across the country, we didn’t know how far it had gotten.
      We did all we could to build her confidence, but he had so much control over her and was so demeaning.
      In Oct. 2006, she had had enough, and took her own life.
      Do you mind telling me where you saw a post by my mom? Was it on my sister’s FB page?
      Anyway, please don’t feel bad for asking. I don’t mind talking about it, but where we don’t have much contact with her kids, we can’t say much. Their dad has control over it all.

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