Pregnancy, albeit hard, is all worth it

Whelp, I am about 34 weeks along, and I am feeling it. Don’t get me wrong; I love being pregnant. I have had relatively easy pregnancies. I have never had morning sickness, although nights are not a whole lot of fun, especially during the first and third trimesters.

I rarely complain about being pregnant; you can ask my husband. To be honest, I think he often forgets my “condition” because I don’t complain. In fact, we took the kids to a condo the other week for a couple of days, and he got tired of waiting for the elevator. We were both lugging heavy bags and he said that we should just take the stairs (up to our 4th floor room). I didn’t think anything of it, and just followed he and the kids up.

When I got to the top, I felt a little tightness in my stomach (nothing bad). It was then that I also realized my condition. I laughed about it and then told him that not many 8 month pregnant women would stand for their husband suggesting that she lug baggage up 4 flights of stairs. He felt bad, but it is just the way it is. I don’t complain much.

However, there are times, even in my easy pregnancies, that I will make mention of things that are not-so-fun. For instance, when the baby kicks and you get an immediate jab in your pelvic or rib area, it kinda’ hurts … a lot. There is also the fact that I can’t sit up very well, due to the lack of stomach muscles and the constant flipping and turning inside of you, would make anyone dizzy. Pregnancy also makes you tired.

Then, there is the actual labor and delivery. I have to admit, I have had an epidural each time, but I have had some really brutal contractions where I have found myself burying my head in my pillow and screaming.  There was one time that the epidural only worked on one side, making it so that I felt it all on one side, but couldn’t move the other side. At the same time, I was slouching down in the bed, couldn’t do anything about it, and the medicine moved into my lungs, making me cough and have a difficult time breathing.

Needless to say, pregnancy is not all fun and games.

However, it is ALL worth it. Every. Single. Bit. I would go through it and more to be able to have my children.

Here are my little monkeys on our trip last week :)

Here are my little monkeys on our trip last week 🙂

And here is a our soon-to-be, Axel, all crammed in my belly :). I bet we're equally as uncomfortable.

And here is a our soon-to-be, Axel, all crammed in my belly :). I bet we’re equally as uncomfortable.

This was the topic of my last artilce, titled, “Pregnancy: Men will never know what it feels like, and that’s too bad.

I admit, the title, although attention-grabbing, maybe didn’t advertise my intended message … which is probably why it brought about a good number of comments from men about women being men-haters … yada, yada, yada.

However, the point of the article was to validate women in their (uncomfortableness), while at the same time, encouraging them to be grateful for the ability to take a huge part in the miracle of life.

I am really so, so excited to meed this little guy. He is already following in the footsteps of his older brothers by the many, Many footsteps I feel moving across my belly … all. day. long :).

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5 Responses to Pregnancy, albeit hard, is all worth it

  1. I am loving all the photos lately of your beautiful family! I agree with you that pregnancy is not that bad–I was tired and uncomfortable, but the way people talked about it, I expected it to be a hundred times worse. I would forget I was pregnant too. Of course, being active and healthy helped. I don’t doubt that pregnancy can be awful for many women and I was lucky. Also agree that having children is worth it.

  2. Also can I ask about how you age gapped your kids? They all look close in age, which I think is tenacious of you.

    • runariran says:

      Sure! Our first 2 our 14 months apart; #2 & 3 are 16, 3 & 4 are 16 and 4 & 5 are 18 months.
      We didn’t necessarily mean to space the first 2 the way we did, but we liked it so much that we decided to have the rest close. We thought that we were done after our 5th, but then had a strong feeling we weren’t. The last 2 will be almost 4 years apart! Oh, well. He will have lots of older kids to love him :).

  3. Jelena says:

    Can I ask how old you were when you had your first kid? You look so young! 🙂

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