Husband and wife: It takes 2 to find time to exercise

In my second article to be run in the Deseret News, I wrote about the importance of couples working together to achieve their fitness  goals.

As I’m sure I have mentioned before, Adam and I met on our college cross country/track team. We have always been physically active. However, getting married and a few years later, finishing college athletics and then jumping right into parenting and adding “real” jobs to the mix, really made finding time to exercise difficult.

However, the two of us having been in peak physical condition before, and having known how our bodies felt when when in that type of shape, we have both striven to maintain, or at the very least remain in really good shape.

We have always been very encouraging of each other in this respect, and it has been not only good for our physical health, but has been a key factor in the health of our relationship, too.

In the article, I give 4 tips to help couples find time to fit exercise in. Here is the link:

Husband and wife: it takes 2 to find time to exercise

How do you find time?

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