Father of 4 wins 2013 USA 50 Mile Trail Championships: Continued

In my article that was published today on ksl.com, I wrote about a former teammate of mine, Cody Moat.

I recently became friends with his wife (who I already knew from college) on facebook, and was able to see all of the post about Cody and his successes. I love seeing how proud she is of him … it’s really cute.

As the title of this blog and the article say, Cody recently won the USA 50 Mile Trail Championships. Not only did he win, but he did it in a record time of 6 hours, 26 minutes an 3 seconds, beating the course record by 4 minutes! Amazing!


This is not the only success he’s had recently. Believe it or not, he took first place in the Spartan 2012 World Championship, which is a marathon-long obstacle course.


codyspartan2Cody has recently picked up a sponsorship from Team Inov8, which is quite an accomplishment.

Not only is he a phenomenal athlete, but he does it all while teaching high school, coaching multiple sports and being a husband and father to 4 children, who adore him.



In the article, I asked the question of how … how does he fit it all in? Here is the link to the article that has the answers to that question. Really, so amazing.

I asked a lot of questions in my quest to gain some perspective on how and why he does what he does, and I got a lot of great information that I wanted to share …

Being a former collegiate athlete myself, I knew that burn-out was an all-too-common occurrence, and Cody was not immune from it. I asked him what got him back into running after taking a break after college. Here is what he had to say.

“I took 5 years of competitive running off. I was still working out on trails but I literally refused to even do a 5K race. I was a little burned out but more than anything, I wanted to focus on other things. So my goals changed and the only reason I would run was because it was the best way to experience the mountains. It was an escape from work and other stresses of life. During this time, I began to develop a passion for mountain running (on and off of trails). I would pick a place on the map that I wanted to explore and I would run to that place. After a while the itch for racing returned. Not to do a road race or a track run, but my new found passion (Cross Country Mountain running).

“I don’t really know why I entered my first trail marathon, I was happy running the mountains on my own. I think I realized that I had really found (my) sport. Running in college and high school were close, but they were not (my) sport. They were just the closest thing to it. So I entered my first trail marathon and it was incredible. It was the funnest race I have ever done in my life. At this point I was hooked. I signed up for more races including the Trail Marathon Nationals. But then I picked up an old college foot injury (plantar fasciitis). I took 1 whole year off trying to get it healed up but I never could heal it. So after another whole year wasted, I decided that I was going to run whether it hurt or not. Much to my surprise the pain subsided. Since that time I have been racing like crazy. I still deal with the injury occasionally but I’m working through it.”

What kind of mileage do you put in on a weekly/daily basis?

“As far as training, every week is a little different. Whether it be due to injury or schedule issues, I very rarely have a week that’s always the same. I try to at minimum, put in 10 miles a day. In the summer, I can do two long days a week of 12-20 miles. Most of those long runs are in the mountains which is a much better workout than down around town.”

What is your favorite type of race?

“My favorite type of race could take place in an obstacle race or in a trail race. It comes down to terrain. I like mountain trail runs the best. If obstacles are mixed in, that’s fine. But to be my favorite, it needs to be in the mountains on a trail or on no trail at all. I’m not sure why these are my favorite-I think it’s because I love the mountains and the great outdoors.”

What is your race schedule like this year?

“I have a pretty exciting racing schedule this year. I hope my body holds up long enough to complete it. I have 8-12 spartan races, 2 of which are World championships. I have some awesome trail races planned including the World Trail Marathon Championships in Poland. I will be on the USA Trail Marathon team (which I’m pretty excited about).”

If you want to follow Cody’s progress, go to Cody’s Blog.


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  1. Will T. says:

    Great Insight. Thanks for the interview

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