Christmas Eve Snow Run (Hill, Yes!!)

It is Christmas Eve, and guess what we woke up to?!!! Snow!!! Now, snow and I don’t generally get along, except of course, if it has running attached to it…and building snow forts. Once I saw the snow, that was it for me. I just couldn’t stay inside any longer. When I headed out, I got to the paved running path. There, I saw a set of footprints. I debated whether to follow those footprints, or to take the road less traveled. True to form, I took the road less traveled, which is also known as, “the hard way.” I like to think of it as the “way more fun way!” I thought about taking a gravel road that is generally pretty easy, but once I reached where I could go up my favorite hill (mountain), aka, “zig-zag hill,” that was it. It was too tempting. This is a hill that I take my kids up a lot during the summer (blogged about it here).

It is about a mile up, and just the coolest ever! I had to stop and snatch a few pictures on the way up.

The view from the bottom

The view from the bottom

halfway up

halfway up


the view from the top!

the view from the top!

I felt so bad that I couldn’t bring my kids with me, so I had to build them a snowman on top. I can’t wait until Adam and I can bring them up here in the snow. They will love it!

my snowman

my snowman

Speaking of Adam, when I got home and told him all about my awesome run up zig-zag, he had to do it, too. As he headed out the door, I asked him which run he was going to do, and he said that he was going to follow my footprints…Awe, so sweet. I love it when I head out after him, and find his footprints. I married the right man for me :). He took some pictures, too…

If you can see my snowman :). Look for the branches sticking out :)



And of course, he had to make a snowman next to mine :).

His snowman next to mine. Isn't that sweet?!

His snowman next to mine. Isn’t that sweet?!

Such a perfect start to the day! And tomorrow is Christmas! I hope you all were able to get a good Christmas Eve run in, too!

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1 Response to Christmas Eve Snow Run (Hill, Yes!!)

  1. Dominick S. says:

    Pretty awesome…looks like a “way more fun” route to me too.

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