Dr. Seuss Week Book Review: The Foot Book

Being that it is Dr. Seuss’s birthday this week, I thought it only fitting that I pay homage to his genius mind by doing a book review. And what other than “The Foot Book.”

I actually thought about doing “I Wish I Had Duck Feet,” but reminded myself that as much as I would love to swim better, this is a running blog…maybe in my next life…

In “The Foot Book,” Dr. Seuss so eloquently, describes the “many different feet we meet.”
I don’t know about other runners, but I get asked ALL THE TIME, “what is the best running shoe?” Many seem to think that there is that one “magic shoe” that will make all their aches and pains go away and make them run fast for miles and miles. When I tell them that there isn’t one, they are puzzled and often disappointed with my answer. The truth is, Dr. Seuss is right. The shoe or Unshoe that one runs in, may or may not be the right one for you.

There are so many different shoes and so many companies that make so many good shoes (and bad ones). There are even those who have decided to forgo shoes altogether and run in what God gave them. To each his own.

When choosing what footwear is best for me, I follow two simple rules:


These are not mine, but would be an extreme example of "broken shoes"

I have been known to wear shoes until they have holes because they fit perfectly, and I felt great running in them. Also, if you find a shoe that you like, stick with it. Even though companies may change/upgrade their models from year to year, they are generally a pretty close replica to the years prior. Don’t go changin’ things around if you don’t need to.

2. ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL: Don’t let anyone talk you in to buying a shoe. You only have two feet. Protect them. When choosing footwear, I always say, “the ones who do the walking should be the ones who do the talking.” (Actually, I just came up with that on the fly…pretty awesome, though, don’t you think?!)….The key is to pay attention to your feet.

Kind of a creepy picture, but it gets the point across pretty well, don't ya' think?

So, whether you have “wet foot, dry foot, high foot, low foot; slow feet, quick feet, well feet, sick feet; up feet, down feet…even clown feet; small feet, big feet, or perhaps pig feet; his feet, her feet or FUZZY FUR FEET…treat them with love, treat them with care, by giving them only the best footwear!

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2 Responses to Dr. Seuss Week Book Review: The Foot Book

  1. vodkawilldo says:

    300-mile/shoes is such a bogus marketing slogan by the shoe manufacturers, so I, too, keep wearing the ones I like. BTW, that’s a very disturbing picture… Happy Dr. Seuss Week!

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